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Greening Tobago Schools

Greening schools first arose as a project possibility in 2013. Credit must go to the Zoey Charlotte Alkins for the idea. It is now 2018 and a lot has happened in the greenhouse gas emissions context. At the time Zoe started the conversation with the Tablepiece Primary School in Arnos Vale, so some feedback was gained.

'Greening' as it was known then involved optimising a property to derive maximum benefit from its use of electrical power - along with modifying other systems to reduce over-dependency on power. The hoped-for result of greening was; a reduction in usage of supplied power. This would in turn lessen the emissions count entering the upper atmosphere.

Today the idea of reducing emission remains a concern, though projects that seek to drive the message have a hard time engaging - the term 'greening' having entered the twilight zone of familiarity. It can be argued however that classrooms are not the place in which to test 'original' approaches and emissions reduction is a subject matter that requires a hands-on, example driven approach.


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