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Pursuing the Schools Awareness agenda

In The Spotlight


When observing best practice pertaining to governance, the issue of relationships between various sectors is always a talking point. Specifically observing the linkages among the public sector, private sector and civil society must become a primary focus. In our quest to understand and appreciate how our governance system can more effectively encompass partnerships, We at Environment Tobago must take a critical look at existing systems.

Environment Tobago's involvement and push for BIOREACH

Environment Tobago's participation in the BIOREACH: Biodiversity Conservation and Agroecological Land Restoration in Productive Landscapes of Trinidad and Tobago,
GEF Programme discussion - TOBAGO stakeholder Consultation Session at the Magdalena Grand Hotel & Beach Resort. Wednesday 19th February, 2020.

Reigniting the tourism

Community tourism is defined as tourism which takes into account current, future, economic, social and environment impacts, even as it strives to provide for visitors, homeboys, big industry players and the afterthought, natural environment. Even as we speak Tobago, armed with this definition - niftily provided by the World Tourism Organization, is reaching out once more to the traveling public in the developed north. If we persevere we might get lucky; assuming the budget goes where its supposed to and hurricanes are fake news.


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