Remembering our environmentally sensitive areas

There's a lot more going here than simple drainage

wetland in Mt Irvine under threat

This simple Assembly project, billed no doubt as a Recovery measure will probably kill the little reef off Mt Irvine, will in all likelihood denude the beach of its pink sands and sure as shylock is going to kill the wetland in the foreground. How doe something this shameful come to pass?


A nature park is not the place to party

Road to economic recovery

a strategic plan outlining a goal or a desired outcome and includes pointers. It is also a tool that articulates the thinking for getting to the goal.

‘Recovery’ in the Roadmap context

  • Economic recovery will be achieved when we re-attain a balanced national T&T budget for ‘X’ years running.

  • Enlist a creditable index (e.g adult literacy rates, housing, jobs, income distribution, more) to mirror quality of life.


Reigniting the tourism

Community tourism is defined as tourism which takes into account current, future, economic, social and environment impacts, even as it strives to provide for visitors, homeboys, big industry players and the afterthought, natural environment. Even as we speak Tobago, armed with this definition - niftily provided by the World Tourism Organization, is reaching out once more to the traveling public in the developed north. If we persevere we might get lucky; assuming the budget goes where its supposed to and hurricanes are fake news.


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