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73rd UN General Assembly

Why the UN General Assembly matters

If we accept there is truth behind the analogy that the tail does not wag the dog we will also understand the value of the United Nations to small countries such as Trinidad and Tobago. For two weeks beginning September 25th the United Nations meets in Assembly via presence of 193 heads of States. They will debate - or strongly make arguments for what the UN will accept as its agenda for the year to come.

Day One 73rd UN General Assembly

Today September 25th the United Nations convenes for its 73rd General Assembly. The key address today is by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. He is speaking to the annual gathering of the leaders of the UN member states. His speech is amazingly clear for a career diplomat. He draws attention early on to the mess that is the world order, castigating without pointing figures that its... actually everyone's problem, .. is attributable to a massive case of Trust Deficit Disorder (should there be such a disease).

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