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Get Involved

Be part of Environment Tobago's future by helping to secure it.

Support us at any level you choose. Trinidad Tobago and by extension the world, can be a better healthier more beautiful place. We need to keep the developers on the side of the environment, help the young and the unaware - of any age group, better understand nature. But that's not enough, we need to assist in research, projects, and programmes that benefit community in a sustainable way.

But it’s difficult and expensive work and our membership fees do not cover our basic expenses. We understand more and more people are feeling the pinch but contributing to causes beyond the things that impact directly is hardly an option. Make no mistake about it, Nature needs help from everyone this time around. So if you know what we do, if you value our perspective and our work, then become a supporter. Help Environment Tobago secure its future.

Equally and Importantly

Environment Tobago also welcomes our members as well as the others in the community to contribute by way of informed comment on topics or issues that concern them and fall within our remit. The most practical way to get started is to send us a brief. [This link will provide a guideline]


Membership at Environment Tobago is open to residents of any country on the planet, benefits include;

  • Monthly reports
  • Views of our projects
  • A FREE Quarterly Newsletter
  • GREAT Tee Shirts and hats at seriously discounted prices

Download the printable form as a PDF or
Fill it out now as a Form.


From time to time we have issues requiring the membership to vote. However we appreciate the difficulty voting poses when the voter is not in the same place as the poll. The simplest method we have in place is a proxy form whereby members can select by someone by name who will be present at the event.
Download the proxy appointment form here.

Supporters (Sponsors)

Supporters are those folks who chose to support particular aspects of our work - or finance part of our expenses, either on a one off or on a regular basis. Think stationery, website uptime fees, phone or internet charges, water and power bills - even staff salaries, an item we cannot include in project expenses. Every form of support is appreciated. Whether it's by commitment to send small monthly stipends or one time contributions, please get involved.

Naturally you'll have questions

Please mail your enquiries directly to our Executive arm or contact our office. We will be glad to clarify.

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