Yesterday there were some tree boas

Yesterday in Tobago, Easter Saturday, on a walk to Hillsborough Dam with a group of friends, we encountered the scene depicted in the photographs. There were eight snakes altogether. One was on its own and the other seven lay in a tangled heap. They measured between 4ft and 6ft. All were dead. There were no chop wounds so it seems they had been bludgeoned. This was on a deserted stretch of unpaved roadway from Mason Hall, bordered by bamboo and scrub.

Adding 5 sea turtles to the Tobago economy

leatherback turtleif central government is toying with the idea of developing T&T’s Blue Economy using the full-on United Nations Environmental Development template, odds they are also aware it’s not a decision that might not go down easy with folks in the sister isle who look forward to turtle soup at Harvest time. Will the People's Partnerhip risk upsetting the popular vote and actually lock up poachers?